Baby Step

For the last several years I haven't had the ability or motivation to decorate, although prior to my marriage I had a lovely home. I recently changed my attitude and rectified the situation.
Yesterday I went around to all my family and friends who said they would help make my virtually empty house a home for my boys and I.
I collected pictures, nick knacks, a chaise lounge, decorative tables and beautiful material that I used as draping's on end tables.
Then I made a quick trip to the local thrift store grabbed a rug, some accent pillow, a small shelf and more pictures.
I spent several hours putting everything together and didn't get to bed until midnight, I was so sore from moving things this morning. All night I kept thinking "I really shouldn't put this out because they boys will just knock it down."
This morning I was surprised though when they looked everything over and mostly ignoring what I had done. My oldest son made me beam when he sat down on our new lounge and said "Mom thanks for putting all this up. It looks nice." He's only 6.
I must be doing something right...
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Sep 18, 2011