Just Started

My husband, back when he was still my boyfriend, inherited his aunt's house when she died. In fact, that was the catalyst for us to drive down to California and elope. We got married 2 weeks ago. I had been clearing away her things, like little trinkets and clothes, packing them away with my husband's go-ahead. He had much more sentimental attachment to them than I do. It's a stunningly gorgeous house, but the interior is a bit antiquated for me, and it's still decorated for an elderly woman. About 6 days ago he boke down and told me he couldn;t bear living in a dead woman's house nymore, that it was so preserved that it was haunting him, and that he wanted to make this our home, not her home. So we're remodeling the entire house. The whole thing.

The house is on the Golden Coast in the seaside hills of Northern California. The view of the ocean, the smell of it, it makes my soul breathe. It's a 2 bed, 2 bath house, 2 stories, with a den that could be a 3rd bedroom on the second floor. His aunt had both the bedrooms upstairs as bedrooms (we've been in the guest bedroom because sleeping in her bed is weird), and the downstairs room as a sitting room. All the furniture is clunky and antique, the rugs are busy oriental patterns, and there are enormous vases that hold nothing sitting all around the house. We're looking for a contractor and we have a general plan for what we want now. We're redoing nearly every room.

We're starting with the easier rooms, starting with the master bedroom. We're getting rid of the bed and getting a new light fixture, new bedside tables, new chairs, and a new throw rug. Then the guest bedroom is becoming my husband's office, so we're moving the other bed frame into the master bedroom and getting a new mattress. Then we're going to put his keyboard, a desk, and a couch in there. Those two rooms don't need repainting. They're both white painted walls with that coastal whitewashed wood planks look. The master bath is going to be remodeled, with the tiles ripped up (there are hardwood floors under there that we're going to restore and seal), the wall tiles taken down (they look like a Greek ruin) and it given a nice white coat of paint. The tub is really nice, so we're going to keep it and get a nice shower curtain. Something octopus related, maybe?

The ground floor will be more involved. There's the third room, then the ensuite bathroom, the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. As I said, the 3rd room is just being used as a sitting room, with frilly floral couches. We're going to turn that into a den for tv watching. We're getting rid of the couches, tables, and sideboards, and we're going to put in some new furniture. Not sure quite what we'll do with that. The living and dining room is going to be ******** to bare bones, and our own furniture will go in. We're going to get a small dining room table, and a nice cabinet. The living room will have a rug, couch, chairs, and TV. The ensuite we're going to paint, replace the sink, and replace the shower. The kitchen will be the most extensive, with replacing all the cabinets and counters and repainting it.

Hopefully the whole thing will be done within a few months. In the mean time we're getting as much done as we can.

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Sep 16, 2012