Home Is What You Make It!

I love decorating my home - a few years ago I went thrugh a stage where I moved 7 times in 3 years - every house was missing something...Apart from having a keen interest in buying houses to  revamp tosell... "I come to this concusion" - Buy a home - change it to your specification and STAY ... Moving around does not pay! I bought the house no one wanted and am changing it to suit my needs... need some decor tips for inside, outside and garden (A little slow in getting the job done quickly as we pay cash for every alteration and dont want to take a second bond)... Dont know how to insert a photo of before and after ... still learning how to use this wonderful site i found...

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1 Response Sep 23, 2009

I thought the same (we got 30 000 bricks) and had no cash ... after that got a builder to live on site and he lay one brick at a time ... (to our surprise) ... we found we cut down on eating out holidays and entertaining others... Watching the house grow around us is Gr8! Our alterations are double garage, entrance hall, entertainment area, office, laundry, sewing room, single toilet and upstairs 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms... Wow wow wow... you can do it ... when we cannot afford to pay for window fr<x>ames this month - we buy cement... lintels and sand. (Planning and patience)... we getting there so can you... "I want my own movie theater at home... with the raised floor and big screen real movie seats and yip pop corn" - (I giggle at that thought and ask myself who will come to my house to watch a movie)?....i think i want too much... well we all allowed to dream~!