Relationships! There are many forms. Some exist with frivolous emptiness, some through a shared activity, the list goes on. But it would seem they cannot work without a meeting of the minds, even if there is a shared lack of mind, they are in sync. I long for that. Through conversation I begin the path to harmony. Words are only a beginning, the point of the sword of understanding. Few people know exactly with what it is they wish to say, and even fewer have the tools to articulate concisely what it is they feel they should express. It would seem that many are unaware of this, and more over, it holds no importance for them. I suppose ignorance really is bliss. And so begins my torment. I cannot help but be aware, and it is important to me. I have hoped all my life that I would find a woman with whom I can share mind.

I have come to the self realization that I can never again share my life with someone who doesn't know what I mean when I speak. Someone who doesn't understand the depth and fortitude from which my words derive. They should understand without explanation or qualification, and without having to say they understand. Words become redundant with real understanding.

My quest continues.

Doofussy Doofussy
36-40, M
Feb 7, 2010