And Bloody Good At It......

And i'm very good at kissing, deeply and passionalely....Special thing for lower lips myself........Think they are an extra sexual organ.. Did you know they actually swell at moments of erotic stimulation? Lower lips have erections(lol)....


misszaskia misszaskia
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

total agree long deep french kisss and naylon satin feeloing on my hand ,body and yours are the best thing s on the world specially if me and you feel breast ,clitty under sexy lingere ,and older as we are better we are ,,

I would love to test that theory with you! Actually I find deep kissing to be very erotic. Heavy French kissing is so much more satisfying before having sex. It always helps my erection. Love your pic with this comment. You have beautiful full lips so it would be a real turn on to kiss and feel you up at the same time. Sighhhhh I can fantasize about it anyhow can't I?

Maybe if you dressed up as a man for me?(lol)

LOL!!! You are the best misszaskia!!!