Counting The Stars

A hour ago, I was talking to a man about life and love when he asked me: Am I afraid to love? How do I see and feel love?
I said...I'm like the water on the ocean, the waves that wants to touch each grain of sand, wants to live intense and feels a lot and love a lot.
The are many kind of loves, they are all like empty shells, in various shapes and consistencies, shells found on a „lonely“ long walk and when someone finds yours, it is as if a pearl just grew in the shell and makes you forget the darkness and loneliness, it gives the vision of a new sun and moon, it flowers your world with colorful traces. But as some fragile shells, someday hearts can get broken, which makes people to be afraid of loving again. I have felt like this before and I know it hurts, but life came to be lived, and if one day the pearl ends up getting stolen, then one thing you can be sure: The shell gets fragiler, but you will not die and when you least expect another pearl is born and you will have someone to lean on your side and count stars with you again. Love is „silly“, but wonderful, each heartbeat, each butterfly, each counted star is worth it.
Of course, each one of us can choose to leave the shell open or to hide it, those who choose to hide to avoid the pain, is it the right choice? It wouldn’t be for me. I prefer to have the chance to count the stars till dawn and at the end of my life, have a necklace of memories to tell.
When I love, then I love the size of love, of the ocean, of the world, of the universe...I love deeply.
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19 Responses May 31, 2011

amazing story :) loved it

OMG Princess.....there could never be a more perfect explanation of love, than how you put it in words. The pearl appearing in the shell, all of it. I am looking at love through an entirely different view now. You brought me to the right window, the one unlocked where i can see things clearly. Bravo

This is just too weird - or not - - in the magical world there is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence - - my grandmother asked me today after commenting about it on here (she of course had no knowledge of me commenting here LOL): If I would like a necklace of pearls as gift?.... wow... truly magic coming off this post...thanks princess!

There are many FAKE PEARLS... and ONLY ONE TRUE PEARL...<br />
<br />
See the fake ones on both sides of the REAL PEARL, on the necklace POINTING to your heart...<br />
<br />
It is through all the FAKE ONES that prepares you to HANDLE THE REAL DEAL.<br />
<br />
Every fake pearl that grows ACCUMULATES to the GROWTH of the ULTIMATE LOVE... all that lessons learned to be carried over the REAL get it right with the REAL THING, this time.<br />
<br />
Each FAKE PEARL carry a lesson to MAKE THE REAL PEARL shine forever...

beautifully written and you are right as well some of us are so afraid ofbeing hurt again but you are right it,s better to love than hide from it vinny

"It wouldn’t be for me. I prefer to have the chance to count the stars till dawn and at the end of my life, have a necklace of memories to tell."<br />
How can it be put more beautifully than this? The only way I know is: to BE it---to be in love, and to be loved in return. To be in a mutually expanding, loving circle of life, each partner bringing out more and more in that love that is the substance of the circle. It is a circle where love re-constellates life, like the stars in the heavens, everlastingly.

wow. Thats awesome!!

This is immensely well written....with the love of writing about what is most beautiful in life: love.<br />
Multiple readings again and again reveal that you truly know love lovingly. I don't think I have read 5 passages of any kind in the past year that I feel are closer to me. This is truly beautiful, an opening of the sublime, the "wu wei" to a pair, now mutually "mused" to each other and the forces of our setting in this world.<br />
"Amore fati" says<br />
"I love my fate<br />
My fate loves me"

Wow! Live To Love Largely!

what a wonderful desc<x>ription of love...I used to feel I had love, but as I grew older realized the love was not a is not an ob<x>ject we can is an uncontrolled emotion eminating from deep with in our souls! We cannot control it, start it up or stop it, that is all done on it's own, with influence from all factors of our life.<br />
I hope to someday have love pick me again! I do miss it!

Awwwwww!! :D how beautiful! :D and the way you have worded it also! :D absolutely brilliant :D <br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing your post my darling! :D

OMG!! ... I really love the way u describe your feeling about love!!! wow!!.. but do u think these things we can find in reality?

If you believe then that IS YOUR REALITY.

If stars are as beautiful as Your smile, thus theses stars are like Paradise lights :)

yes, Julie again :)))

like paradise light pointing the way to the ULTIMATE STAR...

this is a beautiful word, Psincess<br />
<br />

You're welcome, TEP. It's good to be back. <br />
<br />
It's starting to feel a lot more welcoming around here, entirely due to circles of good friends...:)

Awesome story! :) :) :)<br />
<br />
May you have a varied, sizable necklace, Princess...:)<br />
<br />

*faerie starts to make star necklace for Princess*<br />
<br />
Even if we felt the hurt after love was lost, one thing remains certain, we shouldn't lose ourselves. In fact, we gain more of ourselves because after the hurt comes healing. And only in healing can we say we have grown better. Therefore, loving even more.

"I prefer to have the chance to count the stars till dawn and at the end of my life, have a necklace of memories to tell." Very Well Said.<br />
It is better to love and and feel the pain of love lost than to hide from love and never experience love at all.

When love is truly deep it is the only way. Beautifully written. ☆☆☆☆☆☆