Love Is

Love has been described in many ways by virtually everyone who ever spoke a word in their lives.  There are courses in it.  I teach such a course.
Yet it is never easy to describe to others, as it is something so close to us it is hard to see!  Like I can feel my own love for you but I can't take it out of the oven of my being, so to speak, like a roast and place it out on the table far enough away so we can look at it.  So, in a way, it is easier to "be in" and "feel" than it is to bring to words.  Yet I am going to be gutsy and try.
Did you ever wonder why the things of this world seem to gather together in neat orderly clusters sometimes without any apparent reason?  Well, it is not easy to explain why things come together just the way they do, and in some cases, things together come apart when there is strife.  The Ancient Greek
Empedocles (I know.  Hard to say!) said that the whole world is changing and when things work together well, or harmoniously, we say the world is in Love.  Warm fuzzy feelings Love?  No.  I don't think so.  It is more like a cosmic gravity.  But sometimes those very things come apart, and he claimed the world was in a state of Strife.  
But if that is true of the whole cosmos, then it must be so for me and you, no?  It sort of makes sense in that, when two people are in love, they are in a great harmony, a lovely peace.  But that peace can also start to come apart, and we say we are having it rough, and hope to survive through all the strife.
So they are like a natural rhythm of things:  love---strife---love---strife.  Many of us have had such relationships.  As Ronnie Spector used to say in the Ronnettes song, "The best part of breakin up, is in the makin up!"
It also is what draws us to our mothers right away, and seems to stay there without thinking about it.  C. S. Lewis has a terrific description of this kind of love in his famous book, "The Four Loves."
Then there is the "Love" between friends.  That can be very special and quite strong.  Us men like to hang out in bunches: at the sports bar, the pool hall, in a sport, on a team, in a military, etc.  This is so often underrated.
But what about coupling?  The best explanation I have read was in a tale Aristophanes tells in Plato's "Symposium."
He said that in the beginning we were all doubles.  Some doubles were man-woman, some man-man, and some woman-woman.  The were attached at the torso and genitalia, our faces were turned toward e3ahc other, and thew only thin g reversed was our feet, so we could move.  We got around my doing cartwheels.  As you might imagine, these pair were in a state of perpetual ecstasy with their genitalia attached, we were in a continual state of ******!!!  It mad us so happy, that we did our cartwheels!  It all satyed that wya until one day one couple was so happy they declared that not even the gods could feel this good!
Now Zeus was to have none of that, so he threw a thunderbolt that split us all in half, leaving us with gigantic scars and a whole lot of loneliness, desperate to find out true other halves.
Apollo, the god of health and form, took pity on humanity and took the scar tissues and healed it and then turned it into as big swirl that he tied at the navel.  Then he turn our feet aorund and have begun to search for our other mate for as long *** we are.  It is a desperate search and explains why we make so many mistakes because we want to be what we originally were.
If I am to explain charity as love, I am afraid it would take a book I am not sure I could write.
So to the question, have I ever really been in love?  Yes.  Have I found my "other half?"  Thought I did but I was wrong!  It was Hell to pay too!  lol
Tuck Tuck
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2011

Eloquently put for a male. I applaud you. I, too search for my other half. I am beginning to wonder if that person really exists. I'm 53 and never been married because of this innate belief in a soulmate.