I Love Him So Very Deeply ♥

We've been talking for a year now and i have finally found my soul mate after all these years. There is a chemical reaction inside our brains that happens when we deeply love. I felt it a long time ago for this man, my angel on earth. He is so amazing, it's rare when you can find your twin soul and have those connections with one another. I've never had this before and as far as i know this is the best taste of love I've ever had. We click on so many levels and on so many things. I wish i could have met him in my younger years it would have helped a lot. this is the man i can see myself growing old with. He's such a rare person, my missing puzzle piece, my kindred spirit.

I have never felt this way over anyone before, not even for the father of my child. I had a love for him but not like this for the man that has stolen my heart. My Love for 'N' is beyond belief.

I can't wait to start a life with him. So many things i look forward to and it's all going to be with him. I Love You So Much, N ♥
MissSpookiness MissSpookiness
26-30, F
Apr 24, 2012