There’s nothing for it. I fall in love easily and hard. I am not clingy though – I can walk away at any time *twitches* really, I can. Haha Seriously, it hurts like hell, but holding onto someone who doesn’t want you back is far worse than letting go.

Falling in love is like jumping off a very high cliff – from so far up you can barely see the ground. It is all or nothing and I always give everything I have. The only thing I want in return, is everything you are – all your thoughts and desires – every passionate moment, turbulent or calm.

Standing on a northern beach, cold waves washing over me completely, sweeping away every logical thought or consideration. Gone are all inhibitions or fears. Consequences? Who cares? Hold me. Kiss me. Nothing else exists in this world except for you and I…

I miss that, very much. That connectedness. There is a huge, gaping hole in me where belongs. I choke on the misery of its absence.
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May 10, 2012