Where Is Love

Its strange enough that I join this group to as I haven't really been in relationship....let a lone in love. Not for any reason that I feel like I haven't found the right guy . Or maybe because I'm a sensitive person....and risking being not treated lovingly is a fear I secretly hold close. I don't think loving deeply is dependent on why I don't/ or am not in a relationship.....but I do know that whether romantically or friendshiply....I do have a love& sensitivity when I involve my self in a relationship...that I put in my whole heart for sure.......I love deeply& it hurts when it appears it is not returned fully. Does anyone believe in a genuine love so TRUE, pure& deep....it starts in small ways shown....how can it ever be deep- if it's first not planted
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1 Response May 14, 2012

I do believe in this kind of love its there just has to find you. Also, understanding the fear, you can't let that stop you or hinder you from experiencing something great! Nothing ventured is nothing gained and falling in love, is perhaps the greatest happiness we can be blessed with.