WITH All My Heart

I don't think it should be any other way... love with all you have.

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3 Responses Jun 19, 2008

AA that was so beautiful!!

Of course..<br />
I do not have not and will not love many people in my lifetime. But I will not temper my love with the few that I do.<br />
I am good friend with all my exes (that are still living--really) and my best friend is my ex-husband. <br />
My friends are most important to me and I can keep it that way because there's so damn few of them ;).<br />
But it would take an enourmous amount to get me POed enough not to love someone once I've begun. Physical abuse, financial abuse or mental abuse has only worked for so long. I can forgive almost anything . I got practiced at it by forgiving my abusive mother at a young age. So when I love someone, only the degree can change a little (temporairily).<br />
I have and will be a Fool For Love. Laugh if you will. And, even if it makes me cry, I'll still get over it...and go on loving you.

to love deeply is to love freely, as someone once said