Him And Her

Love meets and grows,

love ends life and it creates life.
Love is both bitter and sweet

     Love blossomed between the two of them.
     They stayed together in dream,
     locked away, for countless days and countless nights.
     When they went their separate ways,
     they were no longer someone everyone had known.
     He laughed, smiled, wrote for her,
     She danced, dreamed, wrote for him,
Love is a power, God tells us over and over.
And love is limitless, for it excludes nothing and no one.
Since they became lovers,
they are no longer alone in the world.

     To love someone is to love the whole world...,
lovelywings lovelywings
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5 Responses Feb 12, 2013

You have done what very few have. Have reached and TOUCHED my heart :)

You write very beautifully

Thank you Jay

You spend a lot of time writing and it's very moving and seem to come from deep inside you

Yes...it comes from my heart

Lets be friends and chat

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Touched my heart lovelywings.


Isn't it amazing to feel like you are no longer alone in the world.

Yes...you feel them in your heart even when they are not physically with you...

I know that feeling well.

Wow that is beautiful and touching!! :)

it is indeed beaitiful...just like him and her :)

if he is beautiful its only because he carry's her in his heart :)