A Welcoming

The following is a true story, though the names and places have been changed in an effort to protect, well, maybe not the innocent, but the participants.

It had been a nice hot day. It was her first time here. She had been a bit shy, a little timid about removing all of her clothes. But after a while it just seemed pointless to stay clothed. Everyone else was nude and besides, she could not go in the pool with anything on. It was against the rules. So, she had peeled out of her clothes and lay in the sun after dipping in the pool. The water volleyball games were in full swing and with eight people per side it had become very entertaining. She was especially entertained by the tall brown haired fair skinned guy that had introduced himself earlier in the day.

His name was Jim and he had welcomed her. He had been friendly, very friendly, yet not sleezy or rude. She had enjoyed talking with him and he had kissed her briefly, the door was open.

After the volleyball game ended, some people left the pool, having had enough fun for the moment. That was her opportunity. Jim's team needed another player and she wandered over and slipped into the pool wading over to right behind Jim and subtly grabbed his bottom. It was a thrill for her and excited her even more than she already was.

It wasn't long before Jim was returning the favor and the teasing built. All day long this continued and even during the dance there was electricity flowing.

The real tipping point was the midnight water volleyball game after the dance. It was dark and hard to see where hands were when they were in the water. So, she grabbed him and he grabbed her back, several hugs and a few quick kisses and after the game they both just floated around together. Most people left the pool area, it being 2am.

But she was floating up next to Jim and began to fondle him, finally wrapping her legs around his waist. He rubbed her body and teased her already hard nipples as the warm water soothed them.

The temperature began to drop ever so slightly, but enough that she was becoming cold. Jim suggested the hot tub and they wandered out of the pool over to their towels and into one of the eight person hot tubs.

The hot water was a bit of a shock at first, but before long they were both in up to their necks and she was laid against him as his fingertips traced circles on her belly and thighs.His ministrations were building her desire and it was not long before she had a good firm grip on his penis. His palms began circling over her nipples teasing them even harder as she played with him.

One of his hands eased down her tummy and played at the top of her mons. She responded by opening her legs and pushing his fingers lower. His fingers knew exactly where to go and in a matter of seconds her breathing had changed to shallow gasps and her eyes had closed. Her body tensed and arched and he held her close as she peaked. It was a small one, but she was happy none the less. Her face becoming angelic, her breath shallow, a slight moan and she gently bit her lower lip. He was enthralled.

She returned to awareness shortly and before he could remove his hand, she had pushed his two middle fingers to her opening and was trying to work them in with a pleading "please" to him. He could feel her natural lubrication as his fingers slid in. He pushed them all the way in and gently wiggled them against the top of her vaginal wall. She bucked slightly and moaned out a "yes".

Their lips met and he cuddled her as he kissed her deep. His finger wiggling soon caused her to jerk hard and moan out and he could tell by the angelic look that she was lost in pleasure. He kept up the exact wiggling and kissing until she asked him to stop. He cuddled her for a while and then felt her wiggle attempting to get his fingers back in. He whispered to her to just lay back and relax as he eased out of the built in seat of the hot tub and with her on his chest, facing away, he turned to face the two powerful jets that were massaging his back.

He reached down and gently spread her labia wide and eased her towards the jets. Her eyes widened and she gasped at the sudden strong sensations. Immediately she began to twitch and he continued to move her slightly and closer to find just the right spot where both jets would rock her world.

"There" she gasped out and he stopped immediately. No sooner had he stopped than she began to squirm and arch her back, gasping loudly and moaning softly. Her face again taking on the angelic look as voice grunted and groaned and her breath came ragged.

He held her there for a while, maybe half an hour, until she finally signaled she had enough and needed a break. He pulled her back from the jets then and held her in his arms as he eased back into the seat. She panted for a while and finally opened her eyes with a smile and kissed him deeply.

After a few nice kisses, she got up to go the bathroom in the empty and dark clubhouse. He advised her to watch her step as she stepped down the hot tub stairs. He sat and watched her as she disappeared into the clubhouse just a few feet away.

After waiting for a few minutes, he eased out of the hot tub and collected their towels. He made his way softly and swiftly to the door of the clubhouse and eased inside, not making a sound. He then padded down to the entrance to the bathrooms and turned to one of the long tables sitting just outside the bathroom door. He spread a towel on the table and waited.

It was but a few short minutes and she appeared.

He pulled her up close to him, skin to skin and kissed her deeply. After a few moments he put his hands on her hips and directed her to the table. He helped her up and onto the table and then pulled up a chair and slid her into position. In a matter of moments she was being "chowed down on", he had made her his dessert.

Sitting as he was, he could take his time and so he toyed with her and built her, not producing a small ****** or a series of small ones, he built for a huge release. He took his time, savoring her, diving into her, tongue first. He sucked up every drop of her juices and licked on.

She began to shake and his incessant licking increased her vibrations. Just as he thought she might shake too much and move, sending her **** away from his tongue, he slid up to it and gently sucked it into his mouth. She gasped but did not stop him. Once he had her in his mouth, he flicked his tongue over and around it, just lightly touching it, but holding it in place with his suction.

She moaned out loudly and bucked her hips hard grinding her ***** against his chin. He kept the consistent suction and flicking going and she arched her back hard and thrust her hips so hard she almost bruised his face. Her hips then kept grinding and she flopped around on the table. He reached up and grabbed a nipple in each hand, gently squeezing and pulling with thumb and forefinger. She screamed out something unintelligible.

When he felt her begin to jerk with his tongue flicks, he knew she was done and now super sensitive. He had hoped to push her right back up into another build for ******, but she begged off and waved him off. Reluctantly he gave her a few last long licks to clean her up.

She eased herself up and he guided her in her woozy state. Eventually after drinking from the water fountain, she pushed Jim up on the table and went to work on him. Her soft lips and tongue working his member into a frenzy. She had him hard right away and savored it's texture and flavor. She also loved how she could elicit moans in time with her movements. A couple of minutes and he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed him down.

He pulled her up close to him and kissed her deep tasking himself and sharing her experience. He held her for a few minutes and then they went hand in hand back to the pool area and collected the rest of their items for the short walk home.

And that is how I would describe last Saturday night for me. I played the part of "Jim". Her and I have been texting all week and she will be back Friday night to do all the dirty things she has told me about. I am very excited. I hope everyone has a great sex filled weekend. I told her last weekend was a "quickie" for me, so I am expecting maybe 8 to 10 hours in the sack.... :)

*hugs to all* j
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May 10, 2012