It's like when I feel sad or down and lost, when I listen to her music, my pain just fades away. She is truly my inspiration no matter who thinks she is a disgrace. All I hear is bad things about her, she's been through a lot and no one can judge except God and she changed and she is on top so whoever talks ish is just jealous.

"Whenever you feel down, just turn my music on and I'll be there for you" -Demi Lovato
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2014

I love her so much, she's my idol. I'm going through the things she's been through and I constantly listen to skyscraper cause it defines who I am. I told my best friend some stuff and it doesn't seem like she cared, she would tell me that it's okay and that I am stronger than depression and then she goes and talks about her life. When I listen to Demi, I feel like even though she doesn't even realize I'm listening to her, she loves me.

that's how I felt, I was just like Demi, I thought I'd be better off out of this world but she reassured me and I met her in LA last summer, it was a dream and she actually listened to me and I am pursuing my performing arts dreams when I move back to California. My family knows a few people. plus I'm already in performing arts and do a lot with the music and film business. My mentor is sponsoring me when I'm ready.

I do something every summer called a mini tour and visit the world