Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato :D
I love this song
ReemLucis ReemLucis
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That's my wife. #Lovatic all day 😏👌🏼❤️

I love her music!

Me too! She gets me through the toughest times!

ummm no she is my wife! I love her music

Ummmm no honey. She's been mines since 2/11/99

When she was seven? Okay then. But Im her side chick.

Lol I was just born. I couldn't say 8/20/92 because I wasn't thought of yet but yes you can be the side chick. She doesn't NEED one because I'm here but ok.

Well she has been my wife since way before you were even a thought so I would say I'm her first chick on the side

Nope because even when I wasn't thought of, I was still in the making. Sorry I'm her wifey. She looks better every year. She can wear anything and look hot. Her hair color and hairstyles look amazing. No one can really pull the shaved head on the side off but she can wear any hairstyle like damn.

This is why I fell in love and plan to propse when she comes to my town again.

Oh wow... Well I heard she got married to a little kid on stage. Not to ruin your plans guys

I saw that. He was like 4😳😂😂😂

Well I'm not a fan I only like her music I don't know much.. Anyway proceed your plans girls 😂

They got a divorce 6 years ago lol

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