Favorite Albums & Songs

1. Violator
2. Ultra
3. Songs of Faith and Devotion
4. Playing the Angel
5. Black Celebration

1. Enjoy The Silence
2. Policy of Truth
3. Blasphemous Rumours

others in no particular order:
Fly on the Windscreen. 
Playing The Angel
World in My Eyes
Waiting for the Night
In Your Room
The Bottom Line
Sister of Night
It's No Good
Never Let Me Down
Behind the Wheel
It's Called a Heart
Never Let Me Down
The Sun & The Rainfall
But Not Tonight
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2007

right now my favorite is "a question of time"<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
that song excites the hell outta me

OMG, the first one didn't show up. I think I've been censored. Too funny. Well it's S T R I P P E D. Let's see if that makes it.

Here's my top 10- couldn't narrow it to 5<br />
1. ********<br />
2. Enjoy the Silence<br />
3. Waiting For the Night<br />
4. When the Body Speaks<br />
5. Lie To Me<br />
6. Nothing's Impossible<br />
7. Here Is The House<br />
8. Strangelove<br />
9. Home<br />
10. Policy of Truth<br />
<br />
In no particular order.

Hey whats up. I don't know any of their songs beside Personal Jesus which is on the rolling stone 500 greatest songs of all time and i think it's a great song. Why didn't you mention it? Did you forget it or do you think it's so bad that you won't even mention it? I would like to know, it sounds great to me.