Marry Rich ,marry Poor

          Tomorrow, my only close friend will get engaged.I will be the maid of honour.I hope her found the right person.
           The groom is kind of "rich second generation".She will marry a rich man.I feel a little jealous about her, because,the man not only rich,but  love her.
          I and my lover are "poor second generation".After 3 years relationship and 1 year marrige life, I have found out that, he really loves me.We have went  through a lot of troubles,some of them caused by lack of money.In the real world, if you are poor, can you be happy? Is"no money,no honey" true?
           Now ,I am sure about two things.One, I will try my best to be my friend's bridesmaid.Two, I will keep my vows ,till death depart us.
tuboshu tuboshu
22-25, F
Aug 7, 2010