I Can Be Promiscuous, Can't I?

I was quite devoted to Google Images as a place to find logos for groups, and avatars, and other quirky things. Trouble is, you always have to wade through a fair bit of stuff - lots of stock photo images - and the quirky is a bit difficult to find.

The other day Mediocre suggested Deviantart as a good place to look for images. I've been using it a fair bit since then and loving it! There's not the same degree of commercial distraction that there is with Google Images, and there are many entries on 'human' topics. There also seems to be a bit of censorship because it doesn't bring up near the number of interesting images that come up on Google when safesearch is off. For me, that's probably a good thing.

Great group, Destry. Wish I'd taken a bit more notice back when you made it (I can remember!)...

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I myself have a dA account. It's a great place, with all wonderful artists...but I must ask if you ask the person that created the image, if you're allowed to use it. It takes someone a lot of time to create something like that. <br />
I'm just saying this from my perspective. I wouldn't want my art to be portrayed as someone else's.

yeah i hear you. and we all do it. even google pics aren't necessarily copyright free... but i love deviantart and would have loved to use some of their pics for the groups here but was a bit worried about it...i look forward to your copyright epiphany lol ;).....bf.

Very good question, bf.<br />
<br />
The answer is here: http://about.deviantart.com/policy/copyright/<br />
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Basically, if I respected copyright, I wouldn't be copying images from Deviantart or anywhere else without asking the creators first.<br />
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Because I don't, what I am doing is wrong. I can't ethically justify it. <br />
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I do it (and will probably continue to until I have a copyright epiphany) and I hope that at least they'll feel flattered that I liked and used the image. If anyone wants to find an original that's of any decent quality they'll have to go back to Deviantart and search there, and if they're going to reproduce it at full scale, hopefully do the right thing by the artist.<br />
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lol. Actually they'll have to, because Deviantart puts in an automatic watermark on full scale images...

umm...but what about copyright??? bf.

AngelWings I had wondered where all those avatars came from - had never seen them on Google Images! (but then I don't do many 'angel wings' searches there either). Beyond amazing is a good way of describing the amount of effort put into some of the work there.<br />
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I've also discovered the different levels of censorship on Deviantart. I may have to go back to browsing without logging in there! <br />
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...and... How many websites are you on????

Laziness has its merits, Dex. You could live a Google life these days if you really wanted to! But it is nice to try something new and in its own way better than Google :)

I have been lazy, roj, I must admit, and I have stuck to Google images. Have just checked out Deviantart though, and think it's wonderful. As you say, far less of a commercial emphasis. Thanks for the tip!

NB: Good to hear someone's enjoying them. I usually change them when I get excited about something new. Lately, more often than before!<br />
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M: I do like photography, I'll have to get the details from you.<br />
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Destry: You'll have to get that new household bedded down and get into it! It's certainly an inspiring place; for a non-artistic type (me) it's quite amazing to see just how many ideas there are out there. Almost as good as visiting a gallery but a lot more convenient. Hope you get to create soon...

Your welcome Roj.<br />
Do you like photography? I have a small page.<br />
<br />
And amy, maybe you're forgetting the t?

That's so funny. I was just thinking I needed to ask you where you find your logos. They are all so interesting and you change them quite frequently. Then, like magic, the answer appeared in EP. lol.

yeah i think so too. :)

I think I'm going to have to become a member, Amy. It seems there's still more if you join up!

i find it difficult to get in that site ,idk why but when im in google i write ''devianart ----- and the word i want to find'' and i always find something i like..is good!