Can't believe there is a Love Dexter group. Dexter had this silent soliloquy somewhere in the first season about watching
everything go on around him without actually being engaged at all and without actually feeling anything himself.
He knows how to behave so this is not discerned, but marvels at others' emotional engagement with life and each other.
This was the beginning of my attachment to this show.
The second was the vicarious pleasure I got from watching him avenge wrongs. I am, probably like others, ambivalent about how I feel about this but I love the caution, the minute preparation, the carefulness, the expertise and intelligence. I don't actually have a TV
but began to watch DVDs on my computer a year ago. Dexter has been a revelation. I recognised him - and me. And you?
Samerac Samerac
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

I love Dexter and I think this is one case where the tv show is far better than the books