Finally, a relatively accurate portrayal of a psychopath (or sociopath, if you want to argue about genetics).


My friend and I are completely addicted. We haven’t really done or talked about anything else since we began watching through the series. A few nights ago, we stayed up the entire night watching Season 2 because we just couldn’t turn it off.


It is, in my opinion, the best show currently on television. Its story lines are intense, the acting isn’t bad, and the dialog is witty.


So, yes, I love Dexter. Though I thought his brother was cuter, personally.


Dunno what my friend and I are gonna do when Season 4 ends. Watch the webisodes, and wait until September, I guess. Go through withdrawl, can't leave that out.

speculumvir speculumvir
18-21, T
Feb 18, 2010