Man To Man Enema

Love to fine a good enema man in springhill, fl like to give & rec. just call me bottom-up
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heartfelt story.

I have always been fascinated by enemas, but got almost none as a child, maybe 1 or 2 outside my own experimentations as I grew up.

As an adult, in my coming out process as a gay person, I realized that were other men interested in them as well. One would see an ad occasionally from man on the East Coast, "The Water's Warm, the lights are low," etc. But he was in New York City, and I was in Colorado. But that at least let me know I wasn't the only person in the world that found enemas were erotic (to put it mildly).

At that point in my life, I started leaving notes on men's bathroom walls, "Enemas for Men, Call xxx-xxxx"

Once in awhile someone would respond, and a few of these guys would take me up on my offer.

Finally, a guy called that seemed totally interested as I was. He was in town, but lived in Texas. As we talked on the phone, I realised the guy was as interested in enemas as I, if not more. We agreed to meet, I went to his motel, and we exchanged several enemas, swapped stories and experiences, and generally had an enematically great time.

It was he who told me about the Fraternity for Enema Buddies, a growing national organization with members all over the country. They produced a publication, also sent out some monthly stories, and had a nationwide listing of men who shared my interests as well. I joined, and that was finally the time that I finally became comfortable with my klismaphilia as an active and OK part of my sexual identity.

It was at that first encounter in a motel that I gave my first series of man to man enemas, and received some from a guy that shared my interest.

F.E.B. is gone, now, as the founder has passed on, but may of the wonderful stories and articles that were made available as part of membership can be found on-line. I pray that the founder now rests in peace. He did a valuable service to us.