Many Many Years

My best friend and I took enemas from our Mothers, for quite a few years. I was pretty hot knowing about each other when we interacted with the other's mother.
We took the enemas to another level , when we started giving them to each other.
Some thing I haven't seen here is pee enemas. I thought I was alone in this great adventure, when I came across a guy who told of experimenting with his child hood friend. WOW!! That's just what my friend and I thought we had invented. We played with each other starting at a very young age and to go along with the regular enemas, we started peeing inside each other. NOW, I search nearly every day for people interested in enemas AND pee enemas.
One thing I found out, is, MOST people, even kinky people, RUN from me if I talk enemas. AND, even more run when I mention pee enemas.
I partake of a nice enema probably about once a month, and try to do a pee enema as much as I'm allowed. I SURE WISH I'd find some friends , male, or female to enjoy all this much more.
I'm in central NEW YORK state if at all interested.
larry607 larry607
May 12, 2012