Loved Pull-ups Since I Can Remember

I Was 9 Wen It Started Happenin.I Started Wetting The Bed And The Foster Parents I Had Bought Me Pull-Ups And I Wore Them To Bed I Woke Thinkin I Didnt Wet But When I Checked I Found I Did and It Didnt Bother Me I Was Wet It Gave Me A Sensation I Never Had Before It Was So Comfertable I Started Wearing Them More And I Honestly Believe They Knew I Stoped Wetting For Til Twelve But Never Told Them And When I Was 12 i Wet Again This Time I Felt Pleasure Wen Peeing And Now Im 24 and For Lil While I did Hide Me Loving Pull-Ups/Diapers From Girls I Dated But I Now Wear Pull-Ups As Much As I Can I Love The Fact There More Comfertable Than Boxers And Underwear In General The Give Me A Feeling Of Comfert And Security I Wanna Meet A Others Ab/dl Friends To Talk To Chat Hang With Possibly That Are Around My Age
Wickedangel24 Wickedangel24
26-30, F
Dec 10, 2012