Ima Diapered Girl Tehehe And I Love Mes Diappies

Wells I am behide in age by birth im 24 but mes actually am noz even 3 yet tehehe i wuvs eberything about being a wittle princess and i wuvs being a baby girl tehehe mes at night go seep sucking my binky and i wearing my princess pull ups 24/7 and im transgender getting changed from male to female getting female hormone pills and going to be going to voice clinic as soon as i can then imma get my surgery to become a full fledged girl tehehe yesies ima ABDL girl and I love to cuddle am very compationate emotional sensitive ect i can be hurt easily because i get attached easily it noz gewd but it part of who i am and i alwayz takies care of my girl first ohh yesies ima lesbian toos but mes nice sweetheart only a Five star ***** wen i has to be i noz wike to be tho makes me mad wen ppl makes me wike dat I am da girl who will stand up for anyone anytime ima Abdl Ninjette
Wickedangel24 Wickedangel24
26-30, F
Jul 9, 2013