Teen Baby Boy - Chapter 1

Chapter one
So the story starts out as me,a ten year old boy,blonde hair,5 feet and weighing 70 pounds.
All my life ive lived in foster homes,wich im use too,but this one was different.
Like usual i packd all my clothes up and went on my way to my new home.
So there i am pulling up to a big huge house,with a baby blue door,and pink lace sideing.
As i entered a tall blonde women greeted me. "Hi Jamie,my name is Katie,im your new mommy".
Then my worker dropd my stuff off and shut the door.
Right then,katie grabd my hand and pulld me down stairs.
"So,Jamie this is your new room".
I opend my eyes in shock!
What do you mean,this is a babies room". With a cpnfused yet embarresment tone in my voice. Yes,ofcource jamie,ahaha your our newest kid.
So.this is your room,"but it has a crib,changing table,diaper rack,and baby stuff".
Well jamie,we will change that for you soon,the last boy who lived here had this room. Are you ok with that? I geuss,but were will i sleep? Well in the crib ofcourse.
Well enouph wasteing time,lets go get you changed.
What do you mean,im in clothes and its not bedtime yet.
Well we need to get you ready for din din katie told me.
So i said "ok,but why would i need to change?".
Well we need you to stay clean.
So i followed katie.
Katie took me into my room,and lifted me up. What are you doing katie? Jamie! Im your new mommy now so call me mommy,and im changeing you.
"Im not a baby,i can change myself!".
Well thats not how we do it in this house,if you are under the age of 15,mommy must help you.
Befor i could reply,katie started unziping my corderoy jeans.
then started pulling them down and off,then she pulld off my shirt.
Awe,jamie you look so cute in your little barny underwear, katie told me in a soft gentle voice.
Then she reached into her pocket and pulld out her camera phone. "Snap".
Wo,what are you doing kate- i mean mommy. Oh jamie,im just uploading a new pic on facebook,of my new little boy.
What,what do you mean?
Then katie showed me her phone.
On the screen it showd, a picture of me,on a diaper changing table,in purple and green barny underwear. The caption said "my new little boy,isnt he cute".
See jamie i want all my friends to know.
I just stopd talking because i was sick of laying half naked on a diaper table.
Katie finished by,slipong me into a corderoy baby blue,overalls.
Then she walkd me upstairs to the dinner table.
So jamie,this is everyone, Drew,your new sister,aged 13. Jessee your new brother aged 15,and lastly your new daddy,john.
And heres were you sit jamie,she then pickd me up,and placed me in a high chair.
What are you doing mommy? I dont need this.
Well yes you do,jamie,your to short for the table.
Katie then buckled me up and slid the plastic table in.
Katie then put a bib on me.
What are you doing that for?
Jamie,i dont want you getting your outfit dirty. Now stop asking so many questions.
She then placed in front of me,a sippy cup full of juice,and a devides plate. The plate had, mushed green pees,mashed potatoes and, apple souce.
I then noticed everyone else had stake,and corn for dinner.
So i started to eat it,but then katie stopd me.
Let mommy feed you remember.
"Open wide,here comes the train,choo choo" then she shuved my mouth full of mashed potatoes. My mouth was so full i accidently spit some out,and it landed on my face and bib.
See jamie,thats why you wear a bib. Now do you want you sippy cup to wash it down.
She then shouved it in my mouth,i guzzled the juice down so fast,some dribbled on my face.
She then shouved the green pees in my mouth,and then the apple souce.
As i was sitting there waiting for her to let me down,i really had to pee for some reason,i dont know what it was but it just hit me. But befor i cud try holding it my bladder just went.
Ew whats that smell mom? Drew asked in discussed.
Oh drew,its probally jamie...are you ok jamie?
Yes,i just had a accident thats all.
Awe,you should of told us,you needed to go pee pee on the potty.
Come on mommy change you.
When i left the room with katie and went downstairs,the rest of the family was talking.

Dad,whats with him? The boy asked.
Well,hes ten these things happen,he probally cudnt handle his juice.
What do you mean?
Well,for kids in our house under ten,must have this powder in there drink,it helps them grow quicker,but it also makes them not able to control there bladder.
Oh,ok cool.

Now jamie lets get that outfit off you.
Katie then un hooked the overalls and oud them down.
Tben pulled off my shirt.
Wow,jamie you pee peed eh.
Then she took a pic and uploaded it on facebook,with the captio...."Jamie,pee peed his pannts at din din".
Someone commented "well,he must need to wear diapers eh?"

After reading that katie grabd my bum,and patted it.
Ok,jamie you may not like this,but im going to put you in a diaper now.
"What! No way im ten years old!"
Omg! Jamie why do you have to disobey me so much.
Here suck on this.
Katie then put a bonet on my head and tied a suther to it,and shuved it in my mouth.
There you go jamie,now no more talking.
She then pulld down my underwear.
And grabd me by my bum,and layed me on the diaper changing table.
She then whiped me down with a baby whipe.
First she rubd it down my stomache and then whipd inbetween my thighs and penis. Then she lifted up my bum and whipd it.
Then she put baby creme on her finger and plastered it all over my penis and bum.
Then she took baby powder and sprayed it on my stomache,penis and bum.
"There now lets get your diaper on."
She then lifted up my legs and placed a baby blue and white diaper under my bum.
She then pulled it up inbetween my legs.
Then strapd the flaps down.
"There,my little jamie poo is all better now"
She then uploaded another pic on facebook.
"My jamie poo is all fixed up".
50 people likd the photo with comments...
"Isnt he too old for diapers?"
"Awe he so cute,my son and him should have a play date".

Now jamie,your free to go.
What you mean,im not going to walk around in a diaper.
"Yes you are jamie,now upstairs you go".
Katie then grabd my hand and dragd me upstairs.
Awe,mom hes such a cutie drew said.
Can i help with him?
Sure,keep an eye on him while me and your dad go grocery shopping.
Ok mom no problem.
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Oct 13, 2012