Im A Baby

I love my baby close and stuf and since I never look older than 9 or 10 no one stase wen Im in publick with a diaper and my mom or even wen I poop myself my disorder has given me a great life I even have a nurshery that I live in with a crib and changing table and a special tub that alows my mom to wash me like a baby I never change my owne diapers my mom or elder alwase dose and I have nothing but todler or baby toys its all I get for chrismas or birthdays and on my birthday its like I terned one year olde I sit in a kidy pool with nothing but a diaper serounded by my family and they watch me make a mess of myself with a little kace and I love it my mom even changes me in publick and nobody cares

bigd123 bigd123
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Does your mommy babysit? Tell her I need changing!!

Well bigd123, I don't know what kind of disorder you have, but as far as the other stuff you have in your life, wow, to never have to worry about adult things and to be treated like a infant again with all that goes with it, I have to say I am very envious of you : )