Enemas Are Great

Hi Everyone - I'm a Enema & Diaper fan as I always take enemas arould 2 1/2 Litres & hold it for as long as I can then release it on a portable toilet in my room. When I do a large enema late at night I always put on a Adult Pullup Diaper just in case of a sudden leak eg you know what I mean like a mess.  - Otherwise I am a aduld that always wears a diaper as I have a condition with my bladder but I enjoy the wet feeling - Warm Soapy Ones with soda gives a good cleanout I have found.

Looking to meet new Friends into enemas.

I'm in New Zealand so is there anyone else here ?


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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

Hi danetty757,<br />
I fully agree on your comment as I dont do them always - I do them when I require one even if it's 1 or 2 months apart.

its not good for your colon or rectum to do enemas all the time as your body will become dependent on it and your body won't be able to have a "normal" bowel movement. but if thats what you like, then at least its cheap and legal. good luck finding people who share your interests..........(i'm not being sarcastic)