Not The Best Time

now you all know me, love diapers, love going in them, as long as its not pooping, well sometimes.

This is what happened a few days ago, cuz i recently moved schools because of bullying issues, I've had to make new friends, this being that easy, somehow. one of my friends invited me to his house 4 a sleep over + air soft and stuff with 4 other guys from school. and 4 the stupidest and best reason, (strange), i decide to were one of my tena slip maxi smalls i have to a meal at franky and Bennies before hand, with the five friends, stupid, if they found out, street cred gone, best, you will find out. we got there, me on an empty belly, and bladder, good, sat down got our drinks, for me a milkshake, then ordered, by this time me having had two shakes, greedy me!, for dinner i ordered a calzone kieves ( folded pizza with chicken mushrooms, ham tomato sauce and mozzarella), and we all started on pizza bread, by the end of the pizza bread, i had had that, 2 shakes and a coke, the bladder urge was now setting in, so were the bowels. but still going good.

now don't get me wrong this was a purpose hold, there was a toilet and i new there was, this isn't a story were i say " i decided to hold it till i got home or whatever" the idea was to hold it till i lost it then go change to a fresh tena.

as time went by, waiting for the calzone , bladder set in hard and so did the bowels, then the calzone and all the other food came, and we munched away, with which i had another shake to build on top of the other stuff, plus other meals, all quite light.
i managed to finish every bite of my calzone, quite proud the thing was huge, by this time it was a very big struggle but to my friends and over the noise they didn't notice, or i was just doing well, but anyway, time came for pudding, me i had some ice cream...


i know, boring, but i wasn't up for much else, cuz by bladder was full up and so were my bowels, the aim was to finish pudding and last 2 more minutes, which would make, A) one messy diaper, B) 29 hours with out going to the toilet, just about, when the 2 minutes past i had done it and was still going, but, 30 seconds later all of my diaper erupted with pee, poo and somewhere between, now faze two, the change, i notified the group i was going to the toilet and got up and moved to the toilet, now remember my plan and what id said before, this went to ****, literary, the disabled toilet was out of order, now you are wondering why didn't i just use the mens well what would i do
with the diaper once id changed no were to put it hygienically or safely without people knowing i had put it there,as this went through my mind another giant crap entered my pants, this is the part best and worse idea, i explained the worse , but the best thing is that if i'd not had i diaper on, i would have **** myself, would have been a loss. :(, so with the bad dead done and others felt to be coming i went and sat down in a very squishy diaper, the thought going through my mind will this hold, as more piled in, and another thought will the smell be bad, but as that thought occurred, we all heard, i don't feel so good, from a near by table followed by vomit, very smelly vomit. unlucky her, but lucky me for that would mask the smell, but that smell would not follow to the car so here was the big problem, my friend got back from the toilet as well saying it was out of order, then another friend pointed out that we could use the toilet in the cinema next door, miracle after miracle, two of us ran over the 50m distance and i headed over with my friend and my bag, the diaper sagging and squishing, as we walked in i went to the disabled for some privacy, the answer a also gave my friend when he asked me why i was going in there, when i got in i locked the door, undid my fly s and pulled down my pants, when i saw my diaper, i could tell it was in a bad state, but i took a moment to rub it up and down the front and back, then i opened it up, it was like a ****** bomb had hit it, lots and lots of ****, at that moment i had another big urge to poop and i did up the diaper quickly the let it flow, i then looked at the back of the diaper in the mirror and the hole of it from the near top of the crack was brown, that was how bad.

i decided to just clean up and save the other diaper for another time, saw my friend when i came out, looking cheerful and we headed back to the car were his parents were waiting and we went to his house.

i don't really enjoy pooping, but that was heaven, comment and friend me bros
still looking for a girl, btw
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Just a little too risky. Should save that stuff for when you aren't around friends. There are plenty of diaper lovers around and you could probably find others in your area to have fun with.

Ausome you had one great night then