My Love Of Diapers

First off, if you look at the about me section of my profile, you'll not find much. I am shy at first and awkward. Take a bit to get me going. Then I likely won't ever tell the whole story; Unless someone special really takes the time to get to know me. With that said in my first ever story posting here...Let the fun begin.

So I would classify myself as a diaper lover. I am really not into all the other "baby" aspects. I have heard the question asked before, and I have also asked it; What got you interested in diapers? And When? I hate to ask the question to others, as it becomes reciprocal. I have no good answer! It has been a part of me since my earliest recollections. I was never forced! Never abused! Hell I hardly ever wet the bed. I heard my mom talk only of 1 maybe 2 times I did such.

In my younger years I would build my own diapers. On occasion I would get the chance to "steal" them once in a while. When I got older and could afford to buy them...I keep to this very day a stock on hand at all times. I prefer disposables. I do possess and use cloth on occasion.

I mostly wet the diapers. On certain occasions I will poop in them as well, but NEVER when it will bother people or situations I am in.

It is a certain sexual connection I feel with diapers. I do not expect anyone to ever baby or change my diapers for me. I am a trans-lesbian. I am male to female; But still find attraction to females. I would ultimately like to have a female diaper companion that I could indulge her fantasy of diapers to whatever degree she is into it.

At some other internet location I was member of several "groups" and the younger AB/DL crowd was rather mean, and always provoking fights. I have nearly cut off all love for diapers for a while. But it is always a part of me no matter what happens. Even if I do not always publicly broadcast it.
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Hi Jessica,<br />
The younger AB/DL crowd at diaperboys etc can be pretty mean and intolerant. Most of us have moved on and find other groups with a more congenial crowd - often older.