When I Was 3

i went to a friends house who was the same age as me.he was still in diapers.my mom and his were god friends.i was releived he wore diapers as well.we played for a couple of hours and i went home.my mom bought some thick plastic diapers for me to wear.they werent pampers.she said we will try these during the day and toddler overnight pampers at night.i said ok.she laid me on the couch pulled my shorts down to my ankles.she pulled off my wet diaper.she powdered me and put the new diaper on me.it fit real good.it made a good crinkling noise.i laid down for my nap.i wet myself 2 or 3 times.it didnt even leak.she came in and woke me up.she got a diaper and changed me.she asked how i like the new diaper.i said i love it.she said it is new and improved pampers for toddlers and older children.i was amazed.i went outside to play in my shirt and diaper only.i was potty trained as far as pooping.but couldnt hold my pee.i wet my new diaper 4 times.it didnt leak at all.i went in and she went and got my shorts.she laid me on the couch powdered my bottom and put my pampers diaper on me.i love the sound plastic diapers make.i wish pampers made an adult sized plastic diaper so i can relive my childhod.
Vet19891994 Vet19891994
41-45, M
Jan 3, 2013