Put Back Into Diapers

i was 4 at the time and wet myself several times that day.i could hold my poop in.but not my pee.my mom took me to the doctor and he said put me back in diapers.i was happy.we went home and she put a cloth diaper on me.it leaked really bad.we went to the store and she bought pampers toddler day time and night time diapers.we got home and i laid on the couch.she pulled my pants to my ankles powdered me and put my pampers diaper on me.she put a pair of shorts on me.i went to play.i wet myself 4 or 5 times.she called me in.she laid me on her bed pulled my shorts down and changed my diaper.i was happy.we ate late and she gave me a bath.afterwards she powdered my bottom and put on my pampers nightime diaper on.i woke up sopping wet.it didnt leak though.she took off my jammies powdered me and put on a fresh diaper on me.i loved the feel of my pampers diaper on my bottom.and the sound of the plastic diaper.i went home from playing at the park and took a nap.she woke me up.she pulled my shorts to my ankles took off my wet diaper.i felt the diaper going on me.i heard the tapes being put on my diaper.i was happy to be in my pampers diaper.i wore them all the time till i was 5.
Vet19891994 Vet19891994
41-45, M
Jan 18, 2013