A Romantic Month In Diapers

Wow who would have thought I would be diapered 24/7 for a whole month now, and loving it.

I am addicted. I now feel undressed without one. I use Tena pull-ups for wearing to work, these are thick and hold a couple of pee pees enough to get me to lunchtime and then I change in the Disabled toilet at work. No one has noticed my secret.

In the evenings I change into a thick night diaper and wear this overnight, some times I will use cloth diapers and plastic panties or thick disposables. I love going to bed diapered.

I have also found romance being diapered J It happened just before Christmas, I was just posting a story on EP when I had an invitation to make friends with a handsome Diaper lover, I opened his page and read his amazing Diaper stories and was blown away by his true and genuine love of diapers and how he had had this desire to be diapered since childhood. His stories were heartfelt, and the more I read the more I became intrigued by his determination, and dynamism to be diapered 24/7 for ever. I could see so many parallels to my own wish to be diapered and what had reignited my deep rooted desire to explore the wonderful feelings of wearing a thick diaper in my adulthood.

He encouraged me to go 24/7, not that I needed much encouragement lol J It is a special bond that we share and it goes beyond just being diapered, He is an amazing well rounded individual with many talents, a rare find.

He even wants to be Baby Katie’s Daddy, wow is a dream come true, wow a real guy who loves diapers himself and wants to diaper his special girl I fell head over heals.

Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would meet a man who wanted to do the whole diaper thing.

We have been emailing and talking everyday for the last month never running out of things to say, to keep it interesting we have been sending each other pictures of ourselves in Diapers, I even went to the library and linked into Skype to meet him on a kind of diaper date. This was amazing it was only the second time I had been out in my diapers and in a crowded library we talked openly about diapers and their enjoyment. I left the library at closing time on a kind of high.

We are going to meet in person in April and I can’t wait, it is going to be an amazing journey, that I hope will last for ever.

I am in love and in Diapers and it is wonderful.
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Unbelievable story, I am so excited and now diapered and my diaper is totally wet, fortunately I wear a plastic pants to prevent leaking my urine down on my legs and shoes.. I also ********** slowly but I do it all the time... It is so nice...

Good girl!

Enjoy being diapered, hope all works out well 8)

i use boots pull ups they keep every thing in and dont leak

Hope it goes well 4 U. I had an online friend who met a guy on line who liked diapes like she did. It took a while 4 them 2 finally meet in person & they eventually got married. :-)

I think it's great that we are hearing more and more stories about diaper couples getting together. This is such a strange desire to live with, but that's mostly because finding friendship & love is so difficult in a tension (& sometimes hate filled) world. Hearing about success stories should give everyone hope that there is a diapered equal out there. Go Katie & J!

Congrats on finding someone that understands. Be cautious, but have fun when you finally meet in person.

Wonderful post Katie! Hope your weekend is going great.

Your so so lucky. It's been my life long dream to find a woman who's into nappies as much as I am to share my life with. But after forty odd years of loving nappies, I've not found a single one. That's the downside of being in nappies. It's a very, very lonly existence. I'm pleased It's worked out for you.

Brilliant. Well done!

Great story. I just met a daddy on ep, too.

Thank you :)

sounds like your about to live a dream

Lots of us would like to do that. Congrats.

A dream come true... and long may it continue :)