Jimmy In Diapers

I remember the look and feel of diapers and plastic pants from when i was about 2 years old or so.  When i was a bit older, i developed a renewed desire for wearing diapers again and so i did.  i have loved feeling like a little toddler in diapers ever since - whether it involved wearing cloth or disposable diapers.
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because of my need to wear diapers 24/7, both of our teenage kids got to grow up with the choice to remain diapered 24/7 like me. so, we can relate to all the great pleasures of wearing thick sets of real cloth diapers with plastic panties and using them 24/7, without any of those silly inhibitions about everyone knowing and seeing us in our diapers. <br />
if you're into chatting about common diapered experiences or have anykinds of questions. feel free to ask for our email address, or you can give us yours. <br />
glad to see there are others who have satisfyied their desire to enjoy wearing diapers like me and our kids.<br />
hope to hear from you,<br />
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i never try disposable s but do wear cloth and ppants as you can tell it just feels so good.

I have the same memories from about the same age- so now I relive them from time to time! It's just a lot of fun.