Wetting Pants

When I was young I was too lazy to come in and go to the bathroom so I would just wet my pants and sometimes even mess them. One time when I was playing with my friends down the road at their house I wet my pants and their mother called me in and told me that I wet my pants again. Apparently she had been talking with my Mom about my wetting all the time while playing and suggested that maybe if I be put back in diapers it might help me stop.  My mom didn't have any so she her the next time I wet my pants while playing there to put me in a diapers since she still had kids in diapers. The next weekend while playig football down at my neighbors it happened - I wet my pants. The neigbor lady called me inside, announced I wet my pants again, and told me to follow her. Se took me into a bedroom and explained that my Mom gave her permission to put me back in diapers because it might make me realize that I need to stop the wetting. She told me to lie down on the bed and she proceeded to remove my wet jeans and underpants. Next she placed a cloth diaper under me and proceeded to pin it on. Then she pulled a pair of rubber pants over the diaper. "There" she said, "now you can go back outside and play". I know I should have been embarrassed, but it didn't really bother me even when the neigbor boys laughed at me. While I continued playing their Mom washed my jeans and underwear and sent them with me when I went home. When I was 12 years old, my own Mom put me back in cloth diapers and plastic pants. Eventually I guess I out-grew it, but never forgot it. Off and on while growing up I would sneak a diaper on whenever I could. Now, many years later, I wear diapers 24/7.  I have never done drugs, drink occassionally and just enjoy life........especially since I am diapered 24/7!!!

chevy358 chevy358
66-70, M
Mar 3, 2009