How It Started

it was wiered onesecond i was playing ,and then blam!i woke up two weeks later,and to my suprise my mom was putting a baby diaper on me!i couldn`t fight her because i was so weak.she looked at me and said"if you be a swwet little baby boy i will get you something nice ok? "i shook my head and then she said that`s my little wet botem".she said that because even before the accident i wet the bed two to three times at night. i was trying to figure out how to convince you to try diapers at night.i didn`t know it was that easy or i had you wearing them already! i giggeled a little as she handed me my,my my little 12 yr old looks the same as a two year old! you will be just wearing a diaper to you get used to them.i am soory to tell you ,you`ll have to wear them from now on. i cried right then. oh its okay mommy will change you and take care of her tiny baby boy.i hated it for abot 6mnths. but my mom made me feel like i should really love it,and during summer i rarely wore anything but my diaper and being small,mom would make me play outside in just diapers.i eventually began to love them.and now rarely wear anything else but my diaper.

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

i never leave home with out em love wearing yes i do in them what they are made too do in it just feels so good


if you want the world to know you wet your pant then do not wear a diaper it is up to you...and if you are unable it is nice to have someone to help put it on you

that sounds like fun, i am 49 now and in a very wet diaper at the moment

diapers are not bad , if you far away from restroom like me your wet by the time you get there anyway so why not just get diapers and play play play

nice, at least u learned to like them. Diapers are fun to wear, i wear them all the time but only use them wen in my room.