Lovely Nappies

I have always loved plastic pants and nappies and could say that I lost my virginity to a nappy and plastic pants through lovely ************ which I still regularly enjoy to this day. (I don’t understand how anything which feels that good without harming others, be regarded as naughty or bad). I used to play with myself even before puberty and of course never ********** then but it did feel god and was nice feeling my **** grow. As I got closer to puberty I got a better sensation which at that time I could only relate to wanting to wee so being afraid of tell tale signs on the bed thought a nappy and plastic pants would be the solution something I found very exciting the more I thought about it. I managed to find some terry nappies hidden away in the back of a cupboard at home and then managed to acquire some plastic baby pants when visiting a friend of the family. I used them every night before going to sleep although the pants were a bit tight. Eventually the inevitable happened at about age 11 and I ********** into my nappy which felt absolutely fantastic. Ever since then I have never looked back, being of the mind that anything which felt that good just can’t be bad. Of course I then progressed through the years to adult size nappies, terries and disposables, adult plastic pants, plastic skirts etc. I also love the feel of silky satin female knickers and slips etc, either on their own for ******* in or in conjunction with plastic pants etc.

Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Glad you liked it. Do you enjoy the same sort of thing & when did you start ************

hi dennep lovely story<br />