It's So Refreshing

Every week I buy two casea of diet cola from the store. Most of the time I try to buy some form of Diet Coke, whether it's Coke Zero or Diet vanilla Coke. Most of the time I like Caffeine Free Diet Coke. I love to feel the bubbles at the back of my throat. I buy a 20 oz. almost every time I go shopping at Wal Mart because the air in there makes my throat dry. The best thing to have with a diet Coke? Some real enchiladas. I'm not talking about some fast food crap. I'm talking about some real Mexican food. The combination of spices from the food with the carbonation of the cola is awesome!

The only bad thing is now Coke products cost a lot more than they used to. If I buy a case  off sale it's going to cost me at least five bucks. That's why this week I had to settle for Diet Rite, whick was 2 dollars cheaper. Maybe next week..

nicoleal20 nicoleal20
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2008

As long as you are happy is the key point. Have fun and enjoy the Diet Rite for now!

I don't mind Diet Rite so much. They have diet black cherry and I love that too. If we had the room I would love to stock up on Coke but our space is very limited.

I am sorry of your having to stoop down to something other than Diet Coke. I look for the sales and when they come, I buy a ton (I mean about 60 to 100 cases) that I then put into the refrigerator in the basement that is used solely to keep Diet Cokes cold (okay I am lying, there is some beer (in the door) and some fruit juices (in the vegetable bin). So when I get down to 20 or so cases, I start looking. I am almost at that level now, so I need to keep my eyes peeled for the next sale!