My Hug In a Glass!

I love Diet Coke!!!  It's love in a container, a giant hug in a glass.  Not only does this precious treat give me a feeling of well being, but it does a good job of blowing the effects of allergies out of my head in the morning.  I must confess.  I am in love.  When I went back on Diet Coke after giving birth, it tasted like a vat of nasty chemicals.  As I drank it, I chanted, "I will love this again.  I will love this again."  Before long, I did.  Yummmmm.  There is nothing else like it for me.
luckygurl777 luckygurl777
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4 Responses Jun 1, 2007

The sweetness of Coke Zero makes my toes curl! Bleh!

Couldn't agree more with nymphomaniac! I only drink Coke Zero now (of Coke products I mean) When I let (ok, MAKE!!) others try it they don't believe that it's a diet drink!

Oh contraire lucky damsel, Coke Zero is a great rival :)

Blah! Coke Zero is too sweet. Ah, Diet Coke, that's the one for me!