Any Kinda Diet Coke Will Do!

When I was growing up my father was and turned us children into diehard pepsi fans. It was bad. Then I started working at a new facilty and we sold Coke. ewwwwwwww... Well I eventually gave in and now it is all I drink! If a restuarant only has pepsi then bring me water! Also I LOVE coke Zero. Even my husband (hates anything diet) can drink it! I haven't tried the new vitamin one but that seems a little extreme and wierd! But I believe that I am 100% addicted to Diet Coke!!!

PaperRoses PaperRoses
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 29, 2007

Yeah I have a friend who tries to curb my habit but I guess I'm too stubborn! I know that I shouldn't drink it but... Well really there is no but to it. But did you know that the makers of the alumunium cans have to coat the inside of the cans with yet another chemical because if not the soft drink would eat through the can!!! I don't know why I drink this crap... oh well!!!

addiciton is the right word. I gave it up years ago and started drinking juice/water/ginger ale. Now coke and pepsi taste like exactly what that really are - bad chemicals in water. I will never drink them again.