Say Cheese!

I love taking pictures and the digital camera (which some angel in Ireland gave to me, for a birthday gift!) is very good in quality. The pictures come out so beautiful, without me giving much effort! I just point, line up the shot, and then click! Instant art, yay! :-D

I do want to take a picture of my sister, wearing her Kitty cosplay hat. And also a current picture of her puppy, Frodo Baggins. Yes... even his dog tag says Frodo Baggins on it! XD

But what I am dying to do.... I really want to take pictures of my city at night! It's so neon and pretty then! I bet those pics would come out so very well! But, since I can't leave the house at night alone, I'd have to wait until one of those nights, when my mother likes to go out shopping until 4am in the morning! She enjoys doing that sometimes. :-D

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

Please be careful if you do go out at night. Take a friend or relative with you. Maybe you could talk to your mother and she would have someone to take you for your night shots. Enjoy your camera.