Dim Sum

I go to dim sum about  once or twice a month with my family ussually on Sundays.  Damn, I am craving dim sum right now so badly, it's one of those odd things that I crave.  My favorite thing to get is steamed pork buns! They are amazing,  I wish they were easy to make at home.  I would be making them all the time if I could but they need to be steamed and have alot of asian ingrediants.  The one thing you can't forget to put on is the red pepper & oil that sits on the table and the soy sauce, makes everything so much better.

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3 Responses Sep 20, 2009

Oh No! It's hours till breakfast.

Dim Sum is a real luxury. I love it. <br />
<br />
Imagine having to make all those little fiddly *** bits.

dim sum is really good! my favorites are shaomai and dou fu fa. mannn i want some right now lol