Ain't Afraid To Die, Times 5.

Not all art is music and not all music is art. I'm what you might call a bit of a "music nazi", and every "music nazi" understands why it is a must to respect the art of Dir en Grey. 

I first wandered into the Dir en Grey world by accidentally discovering "Ain't afraid to die". Magic moment happened in a blink of an eye. Time has passed and I still can't sleep without having that song in my sleeping playlist.  It makes you feel incredibly grateful to have been given a "spark" that leaves such strong impact on your life. That is what the essence of art is, not just creation but meaningful creation that has the power to "shake the world" by entering lives of those who know how to appreciate it. 

I'm not big on celebrities and I'm not big on rock stars. But I am big in paying respects to great minds and true artist. That, in the end, is what Dir en Grey is. Great minds and true artists, times 5.  

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Feb 10, 2010