A Joke

A husband suspects that his wife is screwing around so when he comes home early from a business trip he takes a cab home and bribes the cabbie to be a witness.
They sneak upstairs and the husband can make out two people in his bed *******.
He throws the covers back and sure enough a strange man is ******* his wife.
The husband pulls a gun out and the wife screams dont shoot him.
I lied when I told you that my father left me all that money.
He paid for your new BMW
He paid for your lifetime membership to that exclusive golf club.
He paid for that cabin cruiser that you like so much.
He is the one that bought this house for us.

The husband looks at the cabbie and says what should I do ? The cabbie says better cover him up before he catches cold.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

It's an old joke.....but still funny.:)


good one.