Dirty Date

I have been having phone sex with an older man for the last couple of weeks, we met online and clicked, the phone sex is great but tomorrow we meet for the first time.  I'm in my late 30's and he's 52, he seems very caring and passionate but likes to be in charge.  I so hope we get on as well in person as we do on the phone..........

loopy210 loopy210
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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Good that he's open to have some fun... Tried to get my STBX wife to have phone sex or sexting with her. She was afraid that they might be listening or recording...? Who? The phone company... I told her so what... alot of others do it... anyway's she's such a prude...

I have tried to get my wife to have phone sex or evern Text sex, but she will never go for it. Being over seas and not having sex, it seems like it would be a very nice way to releave the tention of no sex. He was a lucky guy tohave found you for that pleasure. I would love to hear how that all worked out for you! I'm sure that a real life meeting has it's +s and -s. Love to hear more!!

Phone sex with someone that has imaginative fantasies can be very....enjoyable. Lucky guy!