My Encounter With An Old Boss

During the christmas party that was happening, i met my old boss that works for the same company but at a differant department. I used to work for him &He had made my life hell during those 2 years that i worked to him. As i realised it was him from across the room, it took me back to the days when he used to talk down to me and treat me like **** making me feel like the only thing i was good at was brining him his coffee and clearing the bins.
Remembering that made me angry, Before i knew it he walk walking towards ME?! :O
My mind was racing, what the hell did he want? why is he going to talk to me?.. he never liked me and made that clear on the day i left. Oh god, wth do i do? ..All these questions were running through my mind and i quickly turned around and pretending to grab a drink on the table that was behind me hoping, praying he would not talk to me but before i knew his hands were on my bak and he said 'Sara, hey you ok? Its been a while since i last seen you'
i smiled.. 'Oh, hello' i said giving a light laugh 'i know, how have u been?'
'im good thanks. Wow! havent u changed. u look good' he continued.
We made petty conversation.
Although it lasted for atleast 5mins, it seemed to go on for hours.
Soon someone that i work with came and asked me to get some more cups from the store room as we were running out. I was greatful, it was a chance for me to get away. I gladly agreed but to my disappointment my old boss will said he'd help me. She gave will the keys to the store room and we went on our way.

We both made our way to the storeroom, on the way he asked me if im still single? i said yeah, since i am. he laughed and said 'so no suprise yet' this made me fuelled with anger.
As we got to the the storeroom, which was tiny and packed with alot of junk, it took me a while to find the cups then i realised they were high up. I stood on a small stook and tried to grab them but couldnt. He offered to get them.
But like the idiot he is, he shut the door behind him and we were locked in ;/
and as he got up on the stool, i realised and let out a scream of anger. i think it shocked him as he fell off the stool and took aload of boxes with him and fell hard onto the ground. Seeing that made me glee with joy as i laughed loudly at him. He got up and seemed pissed. We banged on the door for a while but no1 could hear us over the loud music. There was so signal so we couldnt call anyone either. It was pretty dark in the room and i just wanted to get out i mean as if i could have picked someone better to be with. Will then realised he lost the keys, we spend a few mins looking for them but failed to find them. I got up on the stool as he stood behind me and i tried to look on the shelf thinking he could of left it their when he went to go get the cups but could find anything.

As i was looking, He touched my legs and started to push his hands up towards my ***. "You sure u aint got it stuck on you" He began to play to my ***. "God! You've got one massive bum on you sara"
"NO! I aint got the keys on me i would know if i should. Now get ur fking hands off me" i shouted. i tried to put my hands down to shove his away but realised i couldnt coz he was in the way and their was too many boxes in the way. "woah! Relax will ya? he said. "Relax?! What, after the way u treated me all those years ago" i blurted out. He then told me he was sorry and realised he was an ashole. I calmed down and accepted his apology.
I slowly got off the stool and pushed it to a side, as i stood on the floor cramped next to boxes and x-mas decorations. We began looking for the key hoping we'd find it as it was out way out. i turned round and rumaged through the junk, will was doing the same. I rubbed against will a few times as their was no space and i was just eager to get out. "Found anything?" he said. "no, you" I felt his arm go around my waist and he out his legs around mine. "Mhmmm" he mumbled. "not yet" He leaned his body over mine &began to touch my legs and ***. "What are you doing?" i said.
He smiled. "just looking for the keys, why do u ask?" "Oh, erm.. no reason" He continued and i just froze +was speechless. "I honestly am sorry for the way i treated u sara. i realise that now, and im gonna make it up to you dont you worry!" before i could reply. He pulled my dress up to my waist so my *** was exposed. "Jeez girl, Look at the size of that" he said. I felt his tongue in my ***. "Mhmmmm, **** yeah!!"
I shoved him with my ***, knocking him back in to a few chairs and boxes &I turned around and put my dress back down. "This wasnt what i had in mind when u said u'll make it up to me"
"OW" he said "now, that wasnt very nice.. was it? Come on, we better make the best of it while we're stuck in here" he laughed and said this aint how he was going to make it up to me. I refused his offer of 'having fun'

Will had found a bottle of wine, we drank that while we waited+waited for someone to come, the bottle was nearly finish and i was getting impatient and so was he. My favourite song had come on and i began to complain about how i wasnt there. Will told me to shut up +went on about he was missing out too. We become silent after the argument. 20mins had went by since then &to my shock, he grabed me by the arm and bent me over the boxes &said "now where was i? he took my *** in both of his hands and spanked me aswell. Oh **** yh!" as he touched my *** +kissed it. I didnt complain i began to get horny. "sorry, he said as he pulled my dress bak dwn and said he just wanted to suck my *** as it looked juicy and because he was bored. I laughed about it but i also wanted him to carry on. He had got my all horny! i told will to move some of the stuff so we would have a better chance at find the key. I told him i was going to look for it while he did that, and as he was moving stuff. I pulled up dress up higher and higher exposing my ***. i began to shake my *** infround of his face as i pretended to look for the key. "ahhh" i began to say from time to time hoping to turn him on. As he was done. I pushed him on to the stool and told him it was his turn to look for it. "you must be hot in that" i said and took off his jacket popping my boobies at him. As i slided his jacket off, i made sure my **** would touch his nose. "t-thanks" he said. "dw about it" i replied, stroking his hair.

As he had looked and found nothing. We both sat dwn, bored with nothing to do. We found some donuts and began to eat them. i didnt care if they were gone bad, i was starving and thats all i could think off. Feeling better now that im not hungry+thirsty anymore. I realised will had jam&sugar all over his face. "you've got a little something on your face will" i said. I grabbed a cloth and wiped his face. "thanks" he said. I could hear people talking and the music playing from the party. i started to dance to a song as will looked on and smiled. I convinced him to dance with me. a few mins He began to touch my everywhere and anywhere that he could. i didnt stop him and allowed him to. "man it is boiling in here" he said, as he began to take his shirt off, He look SO sexy! his body was amazing. I put my hands round his body. "You like that eh?" i laughed and didnt deny it. I put his hands on my **** and said "what do you think of these bad boys?" He played with them crazily, he just couldnt get enough.
As i went round to sit bak down, will grabbed my arm and threw my against himself and began to kiss me. i didnt hold back. We snogged for a while. He pulled his trousers down and exposed his ****. He began to pull my dress down, i bend down in my bra and knickers and gave him a blow job.
I took his **** in my mouth and sucked like there's no tomorrow. I could tell he was enjoying it as he only got bigger and groaned. After he cumed over me, i took my bra off and he slid his penis in between my ****.
He began to slide his ****, and he sucked my nippled and licked+played with my ****. He began banging his **** on them. I started to groan loudly. I pulled my panties down.
"Oh **** yeah!.. That it you *****.. How the hell did i not realise this when u were working with me sara, we would of have more fun" he said and sniggered. I smiled "yeah, i know. Maybe if u werent a miserable **** bak then eh? i laughed. He grabbed my *** aggresively "Grrrr" he said as he kissed my kneck and began to finger me and kiss my vagina.

"is someone in here?" we heard a voice from outside. "yes" we shouted and told them we had to move the boxes infrount of the door as the man outside said they'll let us in. me and will began to get dressed, we kicked a few boxes so it sounded like we were acc moving them. "**** sake" i said thinking about how this is the worst moment anyone could of come. "ikr, bloody basterd had to come now" will said thinking the same thing.
The man opened the door and said we needed some more cups as we handed them to him and helped him carry them to the party. Through out the party me and will gave each other kinky and sexy looks. We exchanged numbers and said we'd finish off what we started. through out the day we have been sexting and sending dirty pictures. During the end of the party will got my alone in a corner and grabbed my **** and said "I cant wait to get a hold of these next time" I pulled down my panties and shoved them down his trousers. "dont u worry, u'll get them and more" i smiled as i played with his ****. He smiled back.

He has offered to take me out to dinner some time next week, so i'll let u know how that goes ;D ..hopefuly very sexual! Lol
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sweet ~ mmmmm

fantastic !!!!

Wow..fantastic exp

Hot story!

Better Hope He Dont Take Advantage Of You

i think its good he was so mean 2u when he was yr boss cuz that's what makes it so fuckn hot when u finaly hook up wif him =) kinda like a hatefuck lol

If i were it should be up to the last point of enjoy