Disney is starting to put the classic Scooby Doo mystery cartoons on Disney. I am so excited! :) I loved watching it when Cartoon Network and Boomerang had classic cartoons on. I haven't watched them in a long time cause their cartoons started getting too intense for me. Even if it's FV in genre ratings, it still is too much for me sometimes.

I have always loved Disney since I was a kid. Many think Disney is evil just cause they have programs and movies, music and shows that others don't like. To me, every TV channel has things others don't like. I don't like the rapture and terror movies on the mainstream Christian TV channels. Do I badmouth it? No. I just don't watch it. I don't like shows like Kid VS Cat, Pair Of Kings, etc. on Disney XD but do I boycott Disney or trash it? No. I just don't watch it. I don't like Christian heavy metal. Do I say it's of the devil just cause I don't like it? No. I just don't listen to it. Do I say organ music and piano music is of the devil just cause Satanists use them in their churches and I am a Christian? No. (I use that example since some Christians think drums, raps and dances are of the devil) I just don't get into stuff I am not into. I don't trash it.

Not all drum performances are for bad. Not all dances are bad. Not all raps are bad. Not all heavy metal is bad. Not all Disney productions are bad.

I watch Disney High Definition, Disney West, Disney XD, Disney On Demand, Disney XD On Demand. I only listen to Radio Disney if I am in someone's car. I only listen to the music channel Sonic Tap: Be-Tween on DirecTV which has music Radio Disney plays and it has other music that is family friendly that little kids can listen to, Christian and not by Disney's stars and alumni, some of whom are Christian.

Disney has plenty of things I don't like. There are way more things they have that I do like. I just watch them and if shows are on that I don't like and I want to watch TV then I go to another channel that I put on my personalized TV Guide. I also go on YouTube and watch Disney on there if I feel like it. No need to badmouth Disney. Disney makes a variety of things that can cater to everyone somehow. They're awesome like that.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Aug 17, 2014