Dita, Gothic Seductress And Idol To Us All!

Sadly, I only noticed Dita when I saw her in a Marilyn Manson Music video. I Googled her and her pics left my jaw dropped in awe! Everything about her is extremely sexy! I go nuts for that pale, Gothic, vampiric look! And her style is so delectably admirable. There's no better way to describe her than "perfection personified". She knows exactly how to drive men completely out of their minds! I saw her on a documentary about burlesque dancing. Very impressive! Wouldn't you pay to see that ?????

Dariah Dariah
22-25, F
3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

YES she is super sexy pale skin or not LOL!

Thanks for the comments everyone! Leo, I do see you point and I both agree and disagree. You expressed your personal opinion and even though many men will agree with you, I believe that many will disagree too. Not all men find tan or darker skin particularly more attractive. I find different things sexy and pale vampiric skin is one of them. Not that I limit myself to that, of course. <br />
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Dita is sexy in her own way. Most of the world thinks that Brad Pitt is sexy though. I don't.<br />
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I agree about Mila Kunis and Kelly Hu, though they wouldn't be on the top of my list. Let's not get started on Twilight. I don't find Edward the least bit attractive. he's more dead to me than undead.

She is awesome, and beautiful!