I love DJ Tiesto. He's my favorite deejay. I have him on my friends list on another social site. Have for many years. Him and other favorites. And thanks to my writings, I'm also in their top friends lists. I don't say it to boast though.

There are quite a few favorites I have from other countries and from my country USA.

I tried listening this morning to two other deejays' remixes of mixes that DJ Tiesto made. I listened to the whole thing to give it a chance. It was okay but it didn't grab me. Both of them. Even outside my bias of DJ Tiesto's mixes.

For me, if you cover a favorite song or mix or a song or mix that is by a favorite artist, musician, deejay, composer, etc. you have to make it as good as the original or better. It has to grab me and in your way seperate from the original.

He is from the Netherlands and I have quite a few favorite celebrities from the Netherlands or whose families are from the Netherlands.

I was so excited with DJ Tiesto's long reign of the #1 ranked deejay in the world when he had that honor. He is still my number one favorite. :)
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012