I Really Do Love Doc Martens

I don't say that lightly. It may seem weird. Some people may say it's unnatural, but I can't help it. Doc Martens make me horny and I do LOVE them!

I don't really like using the word, but some would call it a fetish. I prefer to just enjoy the boots. You'd be surprised as to just how many of us there are out here, once very much alone, but now linked in all kinds of groups and forums on the wonderful platform which is the Internet. Now I've chatted to people from all over the world and we are not all alike. Some people are gay, some str8, some bi. Some like the feeling of power & domination they get from the boots, some like to dominate people or trash inanimate objects whilst wearing 'em. Some people like to trash the boots and some to jump into mud. Some people like to keep their boots shiny. That's just a start........ there's a whole world of other preferences about lace colours and boot heights. Some guys only like the taller 20 holer boots, some only like the shorter 8 holers.

For me, I can just enjoy the boots on their own. Whilst I enjoy seeing a guy/girl in Doc's, I could quite happily get my hands on their boots after they've been wearing them all day and easily amuse myself for hours. And that's another point......... I am actually Bi-curious myself and whilst I don't think that Doc's are for girls really (although lots of girls would disagree!!!), there's nothing sexier than seeing a "rebel" girl (Punk/Skin/Rocker) in all the gear and wearing a pair of Doc's. Hippy girls in floaty skirts wearing a pair of Doc's does nothing for me personally.

I love to see a guy in his Doc's which are old and battered, have been around the block a bit but are polished and cared for. It gives me a sexual kick to think that he loves his boots and wears them with pride, cleaning & polishing them to shine like new. (I often wonder if he's like me and that we could spend hours just chatting about Doc's). Often when I see dirty and abused Doc's on someone, it makes me quite upset and all I want to do is unlace them from that person and give them a jolly good clean to shine like new. Over the years I have obtained several pairs of used and abused Doc's and I am quite an expert at restoring them to look like new. It is a tribute to the quality of the leather that with a bit of TLC and some wax polish, they can be soon made to gleam again.

As for boot height, that doesn't particularly bother me. Really tall Doc's are well horny, but quite impractical for everyday wear. I have a pair of 3 holer "Chucka" boot Doc's which I love and also some 6 holer boots which I also like. If I had to say a favourite, I'd probably go for 10 holers in black, although I do have a particular penchant fro Cherry Reds! Lace colours do not bother me too much. Sometimes a coloured lace can enhance the look of the boot, but I'm quire happy to settle for black laces, which is what they come with........

You know the funniest thing about me loving Doc's? Well, over the years, I've had several pairs - most of them I've kept in my collection, even if they no longer fit me - and I've always had difficulty wearing them! I have worn boots that have given me absolute hell. They have been worn for years and never seem to get "broken in". I've heard people say that Doc's are the most comfortable boots in the world, but I've struggled to experience this. Maybe it's just my "wonky" ankles, but I struggle to get a new pair of boots to be comfortable on me. Fortunately, I have found a way around this.......... by wearing USED Doc's. Boots that another person has worn and broken in are fine for me. I'd even go so far as to say that I have experienced wearing a second-hand pair of Doc's as being the most comfortable boots ever. So go on then, send me your old Doc's and I'll enjoy both restoring 'em to shine like new and get some wear out of them!!! (UK size 9 - US size 10 mens).

Whoever you are, if you do love your Doc Martens, take care of them and keep 'em shining. They will look after you for many years. And keep them laced up tight to the very top.

Most of all.........KEEP THE BOOTED FAITH !!!!!!!

Cherryred8hole Cherryred8hole
7 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I love 8-holers because it's not too extra or too little, just right. I love when the girls point their feet inwards while they sit down or stand up. I prefer the black boots with socks or not. I sit next to a girl that I like and she wears doc martens 8-holers and she does point her feet inward and she stomps the boots on the floor. omg she's perfect. Her eyes, smile, and personality. I'm lonely

That is what they are supposed to do! I have never had a pair but like seeing them and hearing stories about them - like a rough girl who would finish her drink, throw the can on the ground, crush it with her Docs then kick it away.

yes i also find them a turn on. Just polishing my everyday ware 20 hole ox blood steel toe capped boots gets me horny. When i slip my bare feet into them and start ladder lacing them a stiffy quickly follows

Hi Cherryred8hole<br />
I posted my experience of doc martin boots nearly one year ago all about how I was brought up with the boots and you sent me a comment wanting to know if I still wear doc martin boots or if I still have a pair in the back of my wardrobe. I am sorry I never got back to you but I was off line for a considerable time. However, I am now trying to catch up with everything.<br />
The answer to your question is YES I do still wear them although I am back down to 14 eyelet boots. You may be interested to know I am bringing up my two sons the same way with wearing doc martin boots. My wife also wears doc boots only 10 hole so there is no isssue of bringing our sons up the same way. We have one boy at present who is aged 8 and wears 10 hole boots at the moment and our other boy aged 11 is now in 18 hole docs. Up to now we have had no moans or groans from them as they are totaly used to them starting them off aged 4. Our youngest also wants 18 holes but at this time we can't get them for his size. Our 11 year old is small for his age and we only just got away with the 18 hole boots as they extend right into the crease of his knees, we perhaps would have been better waiting another year.

I understand. it´s the same feeling for me. i have 8 pairs of docs.<br />
i really would love to lend you a pair. just for fun. it makes me horny to see other girls wearing doc martens. i think it´s the shiny smooth leather wich looks, feel and smell so adorable. isn´t it ?<br />
even the mind of a girl, who touching my docs is amazing ....

I Understand How you Feel. doc martens are the best boot money can buy infact its the best footwear money can buy they last for a long time and they look kickass especially 14 eyeholes they are the best ones. i didnt have any trouble breaking into my doc martens they felt like natural or something to me and i didnt have any pain or anything like that.

I so can relate to you Doc experances i to find that putting a pair of docs on makes me horney, i love wearing docs becuase they do make me so horny tell me when you go "doc" shopping does it turn you on and how many pair of docs do you have i have 10. what about docs makes you horney and when did you first learn they made you horney. :)