I Will Seriously Miss David Tennant!

My husband just recently got me hooked on this show. We have marathons! It is great. I love everything about it. It really speaks to my inner dork. I am only half way through season two of the new Doctor Who. I want to go back and watch the originals. I have been told by friends that season four is the end of David Tennant as Doctor Who, this made me sad. I love that guy! But hopefully I will love the next Doctor too. We will see. :)
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I do not plan on giving up at all. It took a little getting used to David Tennant after Eccelston... Who I agree was amazing in that episode. I liked that when he showed emotion, whether anger or compassion and love, it looked so real, so heartfelt. I Like Tennant now because he is different and silly. I will deffinently stick with it. I am just too hooked now! I'm sure I will get to know and love the new Doctor too... I just hear it is a big change.

Hi. I grew up with Doctor Who and stayed loyal to the series even when it was at its absolute worst - back when the BBC were actively trying to sabotage it.<br />
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When it came back, I loved Christopher Eccleston. He was a brave choice to be the first of the new Doctors and I loved how he could be so cruel sometimes. There were dramatic moments in that first series that could have compared pretty well to other, more serious shows. Remember the scene where he meets the Dalek? I never saw a single other Doctor display such an absolute passionate loathing towards Daleks before then. He hated that thing.<br />
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The drama was sadly lacking by the time it came to Tennant and some of his scenes suffered as a result. He was good, but I never really believed in him to the same extent as Eccleton.<br />
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The new guy, though - Matt Smith - I was concerned when he was cast, because I thought that the writers were going to default to the clown template that they've used so much through the years. Only a couple of Doctors ever broke away from that one. But definitely... stick with it... after Tennant leaves the show, I think you might be impressed with Matt Smith.<br />
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I hope you keep watching.